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NASCAR Diecast Hall of Shame

Did you really think that you could continue to get away with placing those lousy diecast photographs in your eBay auctions and come away unscathed? Yes its hard to believe, but these are actual photographs that on-line diecast sellers placed into his/her auction.

Better check to make sure your NASCAR diecast eBay photos are not listed here.


NASCAR Diecast 101

This column takes a tongue-in-cheek approach to explaining some of the do's and don'ts when selling NASCAR diecast collectibles.

Now let's review the differences between Taz and Gossamer as they relate to Dale Earnhardt, Sr. and Dale Earnhardt, Jr..


Diecast Collections for Sale

Contact us with details about a collection you would like to sell, and we will post your contact info here.

30,000 Piece Vintage Diecast Collection
Location: Minneapolis, MN
Qty: ~  30,000 pieces
Price: $TBD
Every driver, scale, and mfg from the 80's to early 2000's
Most in unopened boxes and cases
Contact: David Nixon 
Phone:   612-360-4044


1:24 Earnhardt Collection For Sale
Location: US
Earnhardt first run diecast
Contact: Luvracen

1:24 Earnhardt and Harvick Collection For Sale
Location: US
Contact: Amy Wheeler


Diecast Collections for Sale

Contact us with details about a collection you would like to sell, and we will post your contact info here.

1:43 Brooklin Collection
Location: England
Qty: >225 pieces
Price: $TBD
Contact: Donald Coetzee

1:24/64 NASCAR Collection
Location: Boise, ID
Qty: >100 pieces
Lots of Earnhardt diecast
Contact: Tori Bell 

1990s NASCAR Collection
Location: US
Various manufacturers
Contact: George Perno

Dale Earnhardt Jeff Gordon Diecast Collection For Sale
Location: US
Qty: 31 pieces
Dale Earnhardt & Jeff Gordon diecast
Contact: Mary Ellen 


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