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Cannot find your diecast on the Diecast Production List page? Complete this form and we will add your diecast to the database.

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  Add Diecast Form

If you cannot find your diecast on the Diecast Production List page, please complete the form below. You will receive an email once your diecast has been added to the database.

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*Is this Diecast Sequentially Numbered?

 Yes, but the number cannot be read without destroying the packaging

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A picture enables us to confirm the identity of your diecast so that we can accurately add it to our database.
Option #1: Find a website (e.g. an online auction) that contains a photo of your exact diecast. Copy and paste the website URL or the auction number below:

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Option #2: Upload a photo of your diecast to a website such as or and paste the full website address to the picture below.

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Option #3: Complete this form and then email us a photo of the diecast sitting in or in front of its original box. Send photos to
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