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  Diecast Error Examination

  During our endless hours of internet surfing, we run across error cars - cars that are produced with spelling, labeling, and/or packaging mistakes. Some are commonly known, and a few admittedly catch us off-guard. With the ever-increasing popularity of collecting such cars (many of these are literally 1 of 1 examples that snuck their way past quality control), we are making a concerted effort to document these in the Registry. The purpose of this column is to simply provide a glimpse at some of the errors we have encountered recently. If the market value of a particular error car is significantly greater than it's error-free counterpart, we will elaborate.

Report Diecast Errors - We invite you to e-mail us photos of your diecast error car to place in this column. If your photo is used, we will identify you (or your company) as the source and provide a link to your eBay auctions or website.



Action 2005 Kasey Kahne Autographed Cars - Colorchrome, Richmond Win, & Mountain Dew


 Action Elite 1998 DaleEarnhardt Silver Select

EliteDiecasts reports that the Kasey Kahne special autographed edition 2005 Dodge Chargers include a COA that says they are 2006 cars. Obviously a COA that lists the wrong model year is not very helpful to authenticate the autograph.


 Cas00 says he is the original owner of this 1:24 Elite received from Action with a Ford Taurus chassis. Has anyone else seen one of these?



Action Dale Earnhardt Jr. 1994 Sundrop Lumina


Action Dale Sr. No Bull w/o Tire Mark

The 1st dozen or so cars were shipped with incorrect tie rods attaching the front wheels. Action offered a "repair kit" to customers who complained.   Compare the "3" on the door of the car to the "3" in the photo on the box. Several have appeared on eBay, selling for ~$200 each.




Team Caliber Preferred Matt Kenseth 2003 DeWalt


Action #3 Dale Earnhardt 1994 Lumina BWB 1 of 5,016

Box says this car is driven by Kurt Busch.

  No "GM" Logo on trunk.



Actoin Kasey Kahne 2004 1:64 Mopar Elite


Racing Champions Bill Elliott 1991 1:64 Melling Blue

Tag says it is a '04 Intrepid, but the car is a '05 Charger.    Note differences in blue paint at rear wheel.



Racing Champions Terry Labonte 2004 1:24 Ultra


Winner' Circle  Kasey Kahne 2004 1:64

The card says this the car is Silver Chrome, but it is the standard paint.   Kasey's car and card, but Jeremy's packaging.




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