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  Hall of Shame

Well, here it is. The one place that you don't want to find your eBay user ID in print. Did you really think that you could continue to get away with placing those lousy diecast photographs in your on-line auctions and come away unscathed? Yes its hard to believe, but these are actual diecast photographs that on-line auctioneers placed into his/her diecast auction to help describe the product.

We need your help finding suitable diecast photos and your creative wit to come up with appropriate captions for each. Please send your diecast photos and/or proposed captions to us via the Contact Us page. No anonymous captions will be accepted. New diecast photos and captions will appear on a monthly basis. Good luck!







Nominate an eBay auction


eBay User ID = ziltch35016


 eBay User ID = bojo1613


"Comes in original box."


"Blade height is fully adjustable"





eBay User ID = Racerxray1


eBay User ID = phil7228


eBay User ID = free_punsalan


"Headlights don't work, even when plugged in"


"Only driven on my carpeted lawn"


"Call the Bat Phone if you have questions"





eBay User ID = russell.419


eBay User ID = Flak1


eBay User ID = FlandersDennis


"Never driven in the snow or rain."


"Made entirely out of bubble-wrap."


"Driven in the 2003 night race"



Submitted by Devils95





eBay User ID = TheBoozer3211


eBay User ID = 24flyz


eBay User ID = jakebass


"Kept inside (the shed) and never opened until now."


 "Runs and drives"


 "The car is so bad I don't want you to see it!"
Submitted by devils030





eBay User ID = seacrow67


 eBay User ID = rudy331


 eBay User ID = MarkMartin04


No sheets and a case of Bud, the Intimidator would be proud.


"And I will throw in these things hanging from the ceiling"


 "...and its been sitting here ever since."





eBay User ID = esellconsignment


 eBay User ID = 4mysray


 eBay User ID = gdhitch


"The other half of the car is in my other auction."


 "Doctor my eyes..."


 "Free delivery to winning bidder."





eBay User ID = michaelk6039


 eBay User ID = bmk702


 eBay User ID = buckysdiecast


"It matches the throw pillows, but wife still says no."


 "But, at least Carl's future is bright."


 "Its either a vase or two heads."





eBay User ID = Fenstab


 eBay User ID = TJ_


eBay USer ID = Toyo 


 "Serious bidders only, please."


 "What you see is what you get. All sales final."


"It looks like a 1:1 scale diecast."





"It takes two hands to hold." 


"Free to good home." 


eBay User ID = kg-entertainment


 "Yellow haze in my brain; crazy things..."





eBay User ID = maddux4cys


eBay User ID = v1073


 eBay User ID = git_r_done_elites


"The rare Dale Earnhardt white window car"


"I don't really know."


"Buy my car and I will deliver it in person"


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