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  Diecast 101

  This column takes a tongue-in-cheek approach to explaining some of the do's and don'ts when selling diecast collectibles. If you are looking for serious commentary here, you probably have an inventory of Father's Day cars to sell... If you are looking to have as much fun with this hobby as we do, then this will likely become your favorite column. So, accepting the considerable risk that tongue-in-cheek might not always prevail over foot-in-mouth, let's shed some light on my single biggest pet-peeve while surfing internet auctions: the mysterious identity crisis of Taz and Gossamer.

Tasmanian Devil
Born: 1954
Creator: Robert McKimson
First Appearance: Devil May Hare
Voice: Mel Blanc
Color: Brown
Characteristics: The Tasmanian Devil devours boulders, trees, shrubbery, and everything else in his path as he moves like a whirling, gyrating tornado through the jungle landscape. When he stops, his snorting, sputtering effusions, and waggling hands, indicates to all creatures that his is an appetite that has no end. Unfortunately for his co-star Bugs Bunny, the meal he favors above all others is rabbit.


Born: 1946
Creator: Chuck Jones
First Appearance: Hair-raising Hare
Voice: Various
Color: Orange/Red
Characteristics: Initially named Rudolph, it wasn't until 1980 that the monster was given the name Gossamer. Rectangular body perched on two giant tennis shoes. Face is composed of a mouth and two large eyes. Gossamer is made entirely of hair. No seriously, in one of the Duck Dodgerseses, Daffy goes after him with a razor and shaves him... and there's nothing left except his shoes. I gotta be honest, when I was a kid, that freaked me out.

Now lets apply what we have learned above to the NASCAR diecast hobby:



 This is Taz


 This is Dale Earnhardt Sr.


This is Taz on a Dale Sr. Diecast 







 This is Gossamer


 This is Dale Earnhardt Jr.


This is Gossamer on a Dale Jr. Diecast 






   And now the hard part:
  Click on the image of the man wearing the yellow dunce hat to see a list of every single Dale Earnhardt Jr. "Taz" diecast car. It is kind of tricky, so you have to click within the yellow hat to get it to work. You can use this list to determine weather your Dale Jr. diecast is Taz or Gossamer. Remember, if you don't see a Taz car on the list, you should refer to your Dale Jr. diecast as a "Gossamer."



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