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So, you are interested in that Dale Earnhardt Peter Max 1:24 Brookfield set on eBay. However, you notice in the auction description that the seller describes it as a "Cctc." Now what in the world does Cctc mean and where did it come form? To obtain the answer, lets take a look at the nomenclature used by Brookfield to describe their collectibles:

Crew Cab or Dually? Most novice collectors refer to non-car Brookfield collectibles as "dually" and trailers. However, going back to the early days in 1994, Brookfield has consistently referred to these as "crew cabs," not "duallys" (note that some releases such as the Gordon Ccc below referred to these as "crew cab duallys" but the term dually seems to have been dropped for the most part since 1996-97). The Action Performance web site exemplifies the use of the preferred "crew cab" nomenclature.

Trailer or Hauler/Transporter: The term "hauler" (the DCR web site uses "hauler" interchangeably with "transporter") is used to describe a semi-tractor and trailer (i.e. 18-wheeler). Brookfield has traditionally stayed away from the 18-wheeler products, electing to match their crew cabs with either "open trailers" or "closed trailers." While open trailer sets are commonly referred to as "trackside sets," Brookfield has no acronym for trackside sets in their product nomenclature, so the DCR web site refers to these as "open trailer" sets.

Car or No Car: Lastly, the closed trailer sets had one other common variation: they came either with a car, or without a car.

Brookfield Acronyms: Given the above three guidelines, lets take a look at the acronyms that Brookfield uses to describe it's own product line:

Ccc Crew Cab Open Trailer with Car
Cct Crew Cab Closed Trailer without Car
Cctc Crew Cab Closed Trailer with Car
Stc Suburban Open Trailer with Car


Crew Cab Open Trailer with Car (Ccc)


Crew Cab Closed Trailer (Cct)




Crew Cab Closed Trailer with Car (Cctc)


Suburban Open Trailer with Car (Stc)




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