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Welcome to Diecast Registry.NET, a supplemental website to Diecast, devoted to diecast buying and selling on the internet. Our mission at DieCast Registry is to help you become a smarter diecast collector. In line with this mission, the purpose of the Diecast website is to provide all diecast collectors (you do not have to be a Diecast Registry member to access the Diecast website) analytical insight to current trends in the diecast collectible market. Note that, because we update the Price Guide on a wekly basis, prices referenced within this website may be different than the current market value shown in the real-time Price Guide on the website.

Slowdown of the NASCAR Diecast Market

As we all know, the diecast market has performed poorly over the past several years - and even worse since 2007. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to identify the root cause. Before you go blaming the general state of the economy, think twice. Go visit Home Depot on a Saturday morning. Take a look at what antique muscle cars are selling for at the Barrett-Jackson auction. No, a poor economy is not the reason NASCAR diecast collectibles are selling at rock-bottom prices. The root cause: Diecast manufacturers have, over the past few years, flodded the market with larger and larger numbers of diecast, including special paint schemes commemorating trivial events/subjects. Come on, who really woke up this morning and said to themselves that they wanted to buy a any of the following special diecast cars?

  • Happy Father's Day cars
  • RCR Museum Series cars
  • Hometown Edition cars
  • Happy Birthday cars
  • Holiday cars
  • Tax Deduction cars - I mean Foundation cars
  • Test cars
  • X00 Career Start cars
  • XXth Career Win cars
  • Super Bowl cars
  • Endless old guy Tribute Cars
  • Concert cars
  • Wizzard of Oz cars
  • Pit Pracitce cars
  • Production Quantities

    There was a pleasing trend from 2002 - 2004 regarding the production quantities. It seemed that the primary diecast OEM learned that there is a ceiling for the total number of new cars produced, above which the collectible value falls dramatically. Case in point, note the production quantities of the Jeff Gordon standard paint scheme Elite diecast; Diecast quantity was cut by 1/3 from 2002 to 2006. Then, in 2007, it seems that preserving the value of collectibles by way of smaller production quantities had left the radar scope of management. The change? New management. The result?

    3204 Produced

    3624 Produced

    2400 Produced

    1500 Produced

    1008 Produced


    2007 Produced

    2007 Produced

    1200 Produced

    1500 Produced


    Until production quantities fall significantly, we expect diecast collectibles to continue to be poor investments. On the bright side, if you havn't bought diecast in the past few years, you can buy them now for much less than you would have paid for them new.

    Your feedback regarding this editorial is invited.

    I hope that you will find Diecast intriguing. I am confident that you will find the Diecast website enlightening.

    Enjoy the hobby.


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